Every year homeowners find unwanted guests in and around their home. Searching for their needs, these animals often become a nuisance.

Squirrels, though cute and furry, are not as innocent as they look. Squirrels chew everything and anything and can cause significant structural and HVAC damage to a home. Additionally, they can fall.

squirrel fell in chimney in Memphis

Open, uncapped chimneys are interesting these curious critters are apt to fall into them. Unlike birds, they cannot fly or climb out and they are stuck. Oftentimes, if the flue is open, the disoriented squirrel can get into the home and cause all kinds of damage.

For this reason, you should always keep your flue closed if you don’t have an open fire and you should consider having your chimney capped. Although you could cap your chimney the DIY way, we recommend hiring a professional to make sure that measurements and attachment are correct.

What do you do if you have a squirrel in your chimney?

  • First, do not try smoking it out. This could kill the squirrel and make removal more difficult.
  • Some have had success with lowering a rope down the chimney allowing the squirrel to climb out, though this should be done with caution.

Hiring a professional, especially if your chimney is extremely high or your roof has very steep slopes is better than risking your safety in a DIY fix.  Remember the old saying, “When in doubt, don’t.” Professionals are licensed and insured for instances such as these.

The number one cause of home injury in the United States is falling from a ladder, and has resulted in over 200,000 injuries and hundreds of deaths this year (according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission).

Other ladder-injury findings from the study:

  • More than 2.1 million people sought emergency treatment in the United States for ladder-related injuries.
  • Of those injuries, almost 10 percent resulted in hospitalization or transfer to another hospital.
  • The most frequently reported injuries were fractures.
  • In cases in which the location where the injury took place was recorded, 97 percent happened at home.
  • In nearly 77 percent of the cases, the injured party was male.

Remember, pest control and squirrel removal is best left to the experts. Give us a call for a free estimate.



Image courtesy of James Barker / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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