Lying in bed at night, the last thing you want to hear is bumping about in your attic. In fact, if you are like most of us, you will run for your baseball bat, golf club, or some other non-tactical weapon of defense and brave the dark confines of the attic to make sure the safety of your family and home.

House protection

Most often, brave-bat-carrying homeowners find a masked bandit – a raccoon.

Raccoons like places that are warm and secure and they are creatures of habit. They are worse than uninvited guests because they will keep coming back and will always leave a mess. Plus, getting them out of your attic and keeping them out requires more than a bag of sports equipment.

1. You can’t ‘Boo’ them away.

Leave the scare tactics for Halloween. Banging pots and pans, spraying water, and other similar deterrents only work until the stubborn little creatures find a way around.

2. Build a Fort

If you have a raccoon problem, it is time to check every square foot of your home and fortify it. Any openings should be sealed with sheet metal and heavy metal screening. Chimneys, attic vents, and open seams along the roof are easy access points for these masked critters.

3. Lock it Up

Raccoons like garbage and with their opposable thumbs they will open any trash lids that aren’t sealed. So use canisters with clasps or keep your garbage cans in a secure building.

4. Yell for Help

If you can’t get rid of your raccoon or suspect that it has had babies in your attic, please contact a professional to remove the critters. Trying to do it yourself, can be very dangerous since raccoons often carry disease and can be violent.

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