These days everyone is running here and there and everywhere while trying to keep the house clean, mouths fed, and everyone happy. How do you keep track of everything in the crazy shuffle of life?


Most people forget. They forget to pick up the milk, forget to mail a letter, and forget that they need to clean behind the furniture. We are a busy lot of people and things easily get overlooked.

In the world of pest control, though, your number one defense against pests is keeping a clean house. This doesn’t just mean vacuuming and dusting or emptying the dishwasher. Keeping a clean house means having a regular routine of deep cleaning . . . the cleaning chores no one enjoys but everyone has to do.

What are some of these chores?

  1. Vacuum and dust behind all of the furniture in the house. You have to tackle every room for this project pulling out the beds, the dressers, couches, and anything else against a wall.  You will be surprised by what you find if you haven’t been back there in a while.
  2. Trim back all of the bushes and trees 12 inches from your house. Foliage that is closer to the home can provide an easy entry for rodents, pests, and bugs.
  3. Pull out the refrigerator, stove and other large appliances in the kitchen and clean behind and underneath them.
  4. Pull out the washer and dryer and fully clean behind and underneath them.
  5. Use a bleach/water solution to clean all garbage cans, including any outside bins.
  6. Clean out your gutters on the outside of the house and make sure the water flows away from your home as it drains.

You should do each of these chores monthly; keeping track of when you did what last can be difficult though. While you are forgetting, the dust is mounding.

There is an app that can help you remember and help keep the bugs away.

to do app

‘Remember the Milk’ is an app that offers both a free and paid-for version, which allows you to create multiple lists for just about anything you need to remember. You can set tasks on a recurring basis (weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly). So each of the above tasks can be added as monthly to-dos. You can also share your tasks with others, such as your spouse or older children if you want to keep track of who is doing what.

If you have already tried the app, what do you think?



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