It depends on who you ask. A trained pest control expert will say yes, “Pesticides are safe”, but a mother concerned about the safety of her family might choose against traditional pest control services.  Anyone considering the safety of their family needs to weigh the pros and cons of using pesticides versus not using them.

Going green by purchasing products considered nontoxic or using natural methods to treat pests in the  home seems appealing to many. Unfortunately, these products and techniques have limited effectiveness in ridding your home of pests and keeping them from coming back.

Do-it-yourself products are no better; professional training teaches people how to properly apply pesticides in a way that avoids toxic doses and accidents. For example, most homeowners do not know how to properly store a Fogger so that explosions causing severe damage to the home do not occur.

Which pesticides are safe?

The truth is, nothing is safe when misused or overused in your home and misuse occurs when products are not applied in recommended doses that target the pests – not humans. In addition, different pests require different solutions.

Our trained pest control experts know which pests to target, which products to use, and how to apply the products properly. The risks of leaving your pest control in the hands of an untrained person or natural alternatives are often more expensive than any perceived benefits of minimizing pesticides in your home.

For example, termites live in colonies and eat away at wood causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the structure of your home. Carpet beetles chew holes in carpet, blankets and other fabrics, leaving you with the cost of replacing them. Cockroaches carry viruses and bacteria that spread diseases among humans, creating costly medical bills.

If you really want to keep your family safe, hiring a pest control expert is the best route. In the hands of the right professional, pesticides improve the safety of your family and your home.

Although you should contact the experts for comprehensive pest control, there are some things that you can do to do to help keep your home free from pests.

Learn from the experts how you can prevent termites, ants, bedbugs, roaches, spiders, and mice.










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