What does a stink bug smell like?

Stink bug information

Depending on whom you ask, stink bugs smell like anything from rotting fruit to cilantro. The odor magnifies by the fact that stink bugs are social creatures that travel in packs. They emit pheromones when they find something good to eat – anything with a skin – notifying other stink bugs of their find.

You may have seen in the news recently that stink bug infestations are on the rise in states such as Idaho and could compromise crops. (Idaho news report)

While this is true, the government is working diligently to find a solution to the problem. When you hear news like this always put things in perspective of history. Namely, this isn’t the first bug problem the world has ever seen. Bugs have been around since the beginning of time and learning how to control them has always been a challenge for humans.

Stink bugs pose a complicated problem because they don’t have any natural predators except humans. While spiders and other bugs often feed on nuisance bugs, stink bugs are so stinky that other bugs don’t touch them.

What is the government doing?

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