Working with homeowners to maintain a pest free environment has its challenges. One of the biggest – or should we say the smallest – challenges are spiders. Why are spiders so hard to get rid of?

The simple answer is that they have eight legs and rather than scooting across the floor on their bellies, they walk raised off of the floor and enjoy spending their time in webs. They also don’t clean themselves with their mouths, which is one of the ways other bugs are controlled with pesticides.

These two factors make them much more difficult to kill with sprays.

What else can be done?

When our technician comes out to your home, he will place glue boxes in dark corners, behind beds, and the attic to help catch any spiders that may be lurking about. These boxes help us determine if you have a spider infestation or simple a visitor looking for a warm place for a web.

Spiders like food, and feed on other insects. So keep your home insect free by minimizing debris, food, and clutter throughout the home.

If you see a spider, grab a shoe or a something else and give it a quick smack. In most cases, the spider won’t have friends – spiders are usually loners because they don’t like competing for food. If you see more than one, give us a call and we are happy to come out and treat your home if you are under contract or give you a free estimate if you aren’t.

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