Roaches are the one pest that give most people the creeps. They vary in size and color, but they come, they are gross. Most people wouldn’t tell their neighbor if they had a roach problem because just mentioning roaches brings a stigma – a Scarlet ‘A’ of sorts.

Tips for preventing american roaches

People commonly mistake roaches with filth.

Just because you have roaches in your home doesn’t mean your home is dirty. Since roaches require very little to survive, they don’t need you to leave the biscuits out on the stove or cracker crumbs in your bed. All they need is a little warmth, water, and food and they are happy and can breed.

In addition, most roach infestations come into the home unwittingly.

A roach can hitch a ride in a purse sitting on the floor in a restaurant, a briefcase on the floor in a coffee shop, second-hand-furniture, and travel bags. Paper bags are also a major entryway for roaches, since many of them can have roach egg capsules in the paper which will hatch later.

If you buy a piece of used furniture make sure to inspect it thoroughly. Leave it outside or in the garage for a day and if you suspect anything, put it in a storage room and set off a roach aerosol bomb (follow the instructions on any at-home product you purchase). By vacuuming cloth furniture you also help remove egg capsules.

Newspapers, magazines and books also provide breeding places for roaches. Minimize and cut the clutter in your house to reduce the risk of a roach infestation.

Remember that although there are multiple ways roaches can get in, once they are inside they want food and water. Maintaining a high level of sanitation is crucial. Make sure all bags and packages are fully closed in the pantry, don’t leave food or beverages sitting out, and check all water sources for good drainage. Clean out the refrigerator and pantry regularly, cleaning the shelves and walls. Also, clean behind major appliances regularly.

If after doing all the above you still have a roach problem, give us a call and let our experienced technicians deal with the pesky roaches for you.

Note: After receiving a thorough pest control treatment, it is possible for roaches to still attempt to enter your home. If you find a dead roach, don’t freak out. That means our treatment is working, but there is an entry point outside of your home that you should find and seal.


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