If you are like most people, you don’t like bugs. Black, red, brown, large or small, the reaction is often the same – “Yuck!” As your pest control company, it is our job to keep the bugs out of your home, but what about your yard? What about the little bugs who eat away at your begonias or your roses? What about the slimy worms who seem to be everywhere?


Before you break out the bug spray and destroy every living creature in sight, make sure you know the good ones and the bad ones.

Praying Mantis are great for garden

Can a bug be good?




Some bugs eat other bugs making them a natural protection for your garden. Here is a list of some of these helpful bugs:



Each of these bugs benefits your garden in some way. Either they enrich the soil such as earthworms or they eat the bugs that would eat your plants.


For those who want to limit bees and wasps around their home, you should plant shrubs and other plants that are not high in pollen or bright in color. But if you want your roses to flourish and your tomatoes to be juicy, consider planting things that will attract these beneficial bugs to your garden.


Want to learn more about good bugs?



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